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Ways to Make Your Man Feel Wanted Sexually

Feel wanted

Contrary to popular belief women are not the only ones who have a need to feel desired sexually. Men are just as sensitive to this issue as women and women need to understand this and step their game up when it comes to making their men feel wanted sexually. I am always shocked when I talk to friends who constantly complain how their men don’t make them feel sexy or wanted and when I ask what do they do when the roles are reversed they go dead silent. Do women not realize they have the same obligation to their men to make them feel wanted in the bedroom?

So how exactly do you make your man feel wanted sexually? Women I have talked to say it can be a touchy subject to bring up with their partners. In reality it doesn’t have to be; just think about what you expect him to do to make you feel wanted sexually and do the same, just with a twist. It has taken me years to understand how men work when it comes to this; however I think I finally have a grasp on it and want to share my helpful tips. Here are some of the ways I make my man feel sexually desired.

  • Make him feel wanted. You know how you like to hear how if he doesn’t get you in bed right now he is going to explode. You feel like he can’t be satisfied by anyone else BUT you right? Admit it; it gives you a warm feeling of being desired. Well, men want to experience that feeling as well. However, you need to be slick about how you do this. Do not just come out and verbally tell him what you think he needs to hear. Men are not nearly as emotional as women; men are visual creatures. So here is the twist to make him feel wanted: masturbate in front of him. Yes, I said masturbate in front of him. Work your body into a hot sexy frenzy then tell him that you need him to finish the job. Believe me he will feel like a king! Knowing that no matter how worked up you get from self pleasure yet still need him to finish you off will give him the boost he needs to feel like he is desired.
  •  Take control. Think of 50 Shades of Grey then reverse the roll. Make him your own personal sex slave; make him feel like the only thing he needs to be concerned about is pleasing you. Men need to feel needed both in and out of the bedroom so this will make him feel like nobody else can fill your sexual needs like he can. If you are not into the BDSM role playing world that is ok you can still take control to make him feel desired. When he comes over rip his shirt off or pull his pants down and give him a blowjob. Tell him you have waited all day to get your hands on him.
  • Know his body. I thought this would be common sense since as women we expect our men to know every single one of our hot spots. Well, it goes both ways. You need to learn his body, what he likes and what turns him on the most. Although it is true men are not as emotional as women this doesn’t mean they are not emotional at all. By taking the time to get to know his body you are showing him that you care about him and that will make him feel wanted.
  • Compliment his body. Ladies, you love to hear your man say you have great tits or an ass he can’t resist right? Men need to hear these things too. Comment on his arms by saying his workout routine is really starting to show results. Does he have such amazing eyes that you get wet every time you look into them? If so then let him know that. Maybe the way he touches you makes you melt. These are all things men like to hear every once in a while just like we do. The biggest compliment of all? You guessed it, his love stick! I will let you decide how you want to compliment that.
  • Make it about him. Men put in a great deal of time and energy to make us feel like we are sex goddesses and to make sure we know we are wanted sexually. Think about it; they romance us, tease our bodies, and try to fulfill all of our fantasies. Men feel their job is to please us. Well, in order to make sure your man knows he is just as desired and important sometimes you need to flip the script and make it about him for a night. I have found this is a very simple task but it took me a long time to realize it. What to men really enjoy? Food, sex, and some quiet time. Well, I have the PERFECT idea that I have used many times to make the evening about my man without getting all sappy and romantic. I consider it the male version of romance. I cook his favorite dinner (steak and potatoes), grab him a beer, and have it ready for when he comes home. We eat dinner together while barely speaking; not because we don’t want to but we all know men need that down time. When he is done and relaxed I immediately go down on him and make the night all about his desires. When it comes to making my man feel wanted this works wonders!
  • The small things matter. You do not have to go all out and overextend yourself every time you want to make your man feel wanted sexually. Small things like a sexy text saying “I can’t wait to have you between my thighs later” go a long way. Text him a sexy pic of yourself letting him know you are waiting. Leave him a naughty note in his briefcase so he sees it at a random time at work. This shows him not only that you want him sexually but that he is important to you on many levels because you actually took the time to do these things.

Now that you have some ideas on how to make your man feel desired it is time to put them into play. Have fun!

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