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Sexy and Romantic Text Messages to Get Him Excited about You

make him think of you

Want to find a way to make him come running home to you tonight?  Try these Sexy and Romantic Texting Tips.

What is your biggest sexual organ?  If you are a guy reading this, it’s not that organ dangling between your legs.  It’s the one between your ears.  Huh?  Your brain, silly.

You may have heard that before, and I’m sure that we’ve all experienced thinking of a sexy situation with a sexy person and found ourselves hot and bothered.  How great would it be to have your partner come in ready to pounce on you because they have been thinking sexy thoughts about  you all day?

Anticipation of great sex can give you the best sex ever.  Here are some tips on how to build it like an exploding volcano!

Make him think of you all day long sexy romanticText  romantic text messages to your partner.  OK, does this seem awkward to you?  I know that dirty talk doesn’t come easy to most so doing it through texting must really feel weird.  Reading “Talk Dirty to Me” can help you feel more comfortable with it.  Plus you have to worry about kids or a coworker seeing it.  It doesn’t have to be explicit…although it can be.  If you don’t usually so this, you might start with something more tame.

Here are some examples of romantic text messages that will get the engines heated up for a night of fun but not too crazy.

  • Can’t wait to see you tonight in my bed!
  • I’ve been thinking of you all day
  • I’m longing for your touch
  • Every time I think of you touching me, I get a chill
  • Your touch sends me over the moon
  • “Oh, baby” is all you’re going to hear tonight
  • Thinking of you makes me so wet
  • I want more of what you gave me last night
  • Climbing in bed with you will feel so good tonight
  • I love you…to touch me all over
  • I love your sexy body
  • I want to kiss you all over
  • I want to suck on every part of your body
  • You will taste so good when I’m licking chocolate syrup from your body

Maybe you want to heat it up even more and send something very hot and steamy.  Here are some examples you might want to try.

  • I want to ride you all night long.
  • I’m going to cum for you so hard tonight.
  • I can’t wait to feel your hard cock in my hands and lick it all over.
  • I’m going to scream so loud tonight.
  • I’m picturing your naked body right now and oh, baby, you are in trouble.
  • How many orgasms do you think you can give me tonight?
  • Your hot body makes me want to explode
  • I’m going to f@$k you so hard tonight
  • I’m playing with myself right now!   When are you coming home?

Sexy and Romantic text messages aren’t just for boyfriends and girlfriends

I just took a break and went online to see what would come up when I searched “sexy texts.”  It was mostly articles about romantic texts for boyfriends and flirting with guys you liked.  Another sign that we let so much go by the wayside when we get married or have just been together for a long time.  And to the men, this is extra important for you because women are not thinking of sex during the day as much as men.  It’s not that we don’t want to but it’s not in the fore front of our mind unless you put it there.

So, send your man or woman a few sexy and romantic text messages right now!  Whether your text is sweet or super, hot and sexy, let your partner know that you’re thinking of him and want to have some amazing sex tonight! Maybe this is how to make him think about you all day.
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