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Recharge Your Marriage with Romantic Getaways

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Romance your lover on a romantic getaway

My husband and I just celebrated our 18 year Anniversary this week.  He gave me a card which I thought was very fitting for the phase of life we are in right now.  It talks about how he loves being married to me even with all the crazy stuff in our lives; kids, family and work.  The last paragraph reads:

“And I love being married to you when we collapse into bed at night, just laughing at the happy craziness of it all.”

Really???  Does anyone really collapse into bed “laughing?”  It’s a nice thought, and we should probably strive to be more carefree and humorous regarding our busy lives, but that is usually not the reality.  Too often our nights are ended by chatting about schedules in the morning and “hey, are you too tired to have sex?”

Marriage Fatigue

Too often we let the fatigue of the day translate into marriage fatigue.  Marriage fatigue is when your marriage is dull and mundane because you are too busy or tired to put much effort into it.  This leads to all kinds of bad and should be avoided at all cost!  Neglecting your marriage for the kids, work or any other reason can be the start of a major decline in your marriage.  Romantic getaways can give you the recharge your marriage needs.

You don’t have to stay at a nice resort or spend an entire week together although that would be fantastic!  We used one of the coupon sites to get a hotel stay near home and made a reservation at a favorite restaurant near by.  I have had several people ask what we did while we were there.  Hmmmmmm.  Can you take a guess?  There are two important ingredients for great romantic getaways…intimate conversation and fantastic sex.

Intimate Conversation for romantic getaways

Use this special time to talk about things you don’t usually talk about.  What you want to do for the future or hopes and dreams for you children.  Every once in a while, my husband and I actually learn something new about each other through these conversations.  It happens even after knowing each other for 25 years.  This is time we spend by the pool or on a patio or quiet bar.

You can also drop in some playful talk about what you will do when you get back up to the room.


Fantastic Sex for romantic getaways – The Real Reason to Go!

When we go for a short overnight getaway, most of the time is spent in the hotel room.  There is nothing better than hotel sex to change things up.  So, when you plan and pack for the trip, pack your sexiest lingerie, best toys and lots of lube (maybe even the flavored kind that you put in the back of your drawer and forgot about.)  Remember, the purpose of this trip to to recharge the relationship and great sex definitely does that.

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your night of love

  • Don’t make it just the night.  Plan your schedule so you will have multiple blocks of time in your room.  There is nothing worse than drinking too much or getting too tired to have sex at the end of the night.  One of my friends told me about “just in case sex.”  When she and her husband would have sex before they went out “just in case” they got too tired to have it when they got back.  Not a bad plan.  Then maybe you can have sex before and after dinner.
  • If you are going to make love more than once, make each time different.  Bring more than one outfit for sex.  Have sex in different areas of the room.  Use the shower for some hot and steamy foreplay.  Change it up!
  • Speaking of changing it up, this is a great time for role play.  We all think of sexy situations in our mind, but some people feel silly acting them out.  Doing it in a hotel room can be easier since you are out of your regular element.  Especially, role playing where you pick up each other in the hotel bar.  “I never do this but I have a room upstairs.  I don’t even need to know your name.”
  • Mentioning foreplay made me think of another suggestion.  Give extra attention and time to oral sex and toys.  This is the real magic of romantic getaways.  You aren’t tired.  You don’t have to rush so the kids don’t interrupt.  Take your time.  There is nothing as amazing as having your man give you an orgasm with just his tongue and toys then you realize there’s more to come.  The women will want to work your man right up to that line of no return with the oral then give him a little break until he begs to go all the way.
  • Have morning sex.  This is usually the most relaxing and slow sex for us.  Take it slow and enjoy the last few hours you have before going back to reality.

I have written about the importance of date nights.  Romantic getaways are like date nights on steroids.  They can recharge you like nothing else can and help you fight marriage fatigue that can give you a dull and boring marriage.

Here is how you know when you have had a successful weekend.  You leave the hotel in the morning feeling like you are walking on air and just had an hour massage.  That’s how I felt after our long session of  love making Saturday morning.  So, grab your spouse and start planning your next getaway!



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  1. My wife and packed our motorhome and went camping. We barely left the motor home. Lots of lube and her magic wand. We left our kids at grandmas.

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