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These words usually describe the beginning of a relationship or a romantic movie.  Definitely, not a relationship between two busy people after a long day of work, chasing after kids and deciding what to have for dinner.  Who has time to be romantic? After years of marriage, we asked ourselves this same question and searched for little ways to improve our time together…especially in the bedroom!  The result has been amazing for our relationship!  A renewed focus on each other has brought us more romance, fun, and sex than we imagined.  We feel as playful as we did as teenagers over 20 years ago! Take a look at our site and see if any of these ideas will help put the romance…playfulness..anticipation…excitement back into your relationship!
What is your idea of romance?
Hello all you little romantic devils!  We wanted to take a little time and find out what all our wonderful readers want
Romantic Date Night Ideas
3 Types of Cute Date Ideas for Day or Night
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Relationship Advice
Texting Him for Romance
Let’s face it ladies: Just like beauty and vaginas, love requires a lot of up-keep and constant attention. Sure, we have the
Special Moments
Recharge Your Marriage with Romantic Getaways
Romance your lover on a romantic getaway My husband and I just celebrated our 18 year Anniversary this week.  He gave me